small batch hand-roasted coffee from Portland, Oregon

Welcome To Sauvie Island Coffee Company

small-batch organic and bird friendly coffee roaster in Portland, OR


Our Roots

We are a community minded, family company, living and working on our farm on scenic Sauvie Island, OR. Our family’s farm has raised goats, miniature donkeys, horses and dogs. 

Inspired by (Paul) "Newman's Own" retail line, we wanted to combine the best product of the island with the best cause. We asked many island visitors what they liked best and discovered that most people came here for the fabulous island berries, pumpkins and beaches. But because we can't bottle the beach, we went with the berries. And due to our Oregon climate, you won’t find anyone on Sauvie Island growing coffee beans.

Although we are only 20 minutes from Portland and about the same distance as the bird flies, due to light traffic, it seems as though you are worlds away. Thus Sauvie Island Fruit Company and Sauvie Island Coffee Company were created to provide the best of the local fruit in a jar and the finest handcrafted coffee beans roasted here on the island! 

We urge you to Grab a Cup!

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We carefully source our coffee with strict standards. All of our coffees are certified organic, many are also Fair Trade certified, some Rainforest Alliance certified, and some are even bird-friendly, or SMBC-certified coffees. SMBC is the strictest certification for coffee, mandating that the coffee is not only certified organic, but that a minimum of 40% of the crop is shaded, as well as minimum standards for biodiversity in regards to the kinds of trees that shade the crops. These standards ensure that the crop is supportive of migratory bird habitation. In a nod to the abundance of wildlife found on Sauvie Island, we proudly feature as many SMBC-certified bird friendly coffees as we can. 


the great egret diet consists of fish, frogs, and small rodents. We prefer a good cup of coffee.